Our Coffee

Our goals as a coffee roastery are to mindfully and ethically source the most freaky and delicious coffees. We strive to find the roast profile that will highlight all of its shiniest attributes. These mystical energy-filled beans go through an arduous journey before they arrive in our humble roastery. Every step of our coffee's journey will have an effect on the way the coffee is presented. 

Coffee beans begin as little seeds resting belly to belly in the center of a coffee cherry. The variety chosen, the region, climate, altitude, farming practices, processing, transportation, roasting, and finally brewing are all key players in finding the best flavors, aromas, and textures in your coffee! 

As the coffee roasting arm of the wildly groundbreaking brewery, Tired Hands, we have an opportunity to highlight our coffee in beer and find new methods of brewing coffee that will send you to the moon!  


Barrel Aged Coffee: 

Our barrel aged coffee will shock you with a combination of your favorite liquor and our magical energizing nectar. As green coffee is porous and can pull flavors and aromas from the surrounding environment, we have the ability to alter the final flavor. We filled recently emptied barrels with unroasted green coffee and waited until the beans were oozing intoxicating aromas. These aromas were trapped in each little bean and traveled all the way through roasting and brewing and into your cup.